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Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall installers East Kilbride & Lanarkshire

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a third of a home’s heat escapes through external walls. Houses built before the 1960s often have solid brick construction, meaning there’s no cavity between the bricks. Instead, the bricks are interconnected to form a single solid wall. While these structures are robust and enduring, they lack insulation, leading to significant heat loss. This brings us to the importance of internal insulation.

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Sprayed Cork insulation

Spray Cork Insulation is a highly efficient and versatile product. With a thickness of only 8mm, it can reduce heat loss by 35%, which is quite impressive. It also offers benefits such as condensation & mould prevention. Thus and increasing thermal resistance on solid walls, similar to other thicker insulation products. It is an excellent option for customers who want to improve their home’s thermal performance without sacrificing floor space or dealing with the disruption and costs of installing thicker insulation products. The installation process is faster and can often be more cost-effective,